The New York Times has quietly cut ties with Razib Khan, one of the paper’s 20 brand-new opinion writers, following our post highlighting Khan’s association with right-wing racist publications. The writer’s past work was first flagged by Slate columnist Jamelle Bouie on Twitter.

After reviewing the full body of Razib Khan’s work, we are no longer comfortable using him as a regular, periodic contributor,” Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy wrote in an email to Gawker. “We remain open to consideration of submissions from him to our op-Ed pages, both in print and online.”

Berkeley professor Michael Eisen revealed the news on Twitter on Thursday evening:

Khan quickly confirmed the Times’ decision:

He later attempted to defend his history with Taki Magazine and VDARE, both of which are overtly racist publications:

Khan also promised to deal with the Times’ decision with his own success:

The Times, meanwhile, appears to have deleted Khan’s author page from its website.

Khan did not respond to a request for comment.

H/T Politico

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