England: You Can Read Our Story About Rebekah Brooks And The Murdochs

J.K. Trotter · 07/09/15 04:15PM

Two years ago, Gawker published a post titled “Did Rebekah Brooks Fuck Rupert Murdoch and His Son Lachlan?” Due to England’s notorious practice of censoring stories that pertain to pending litigation, however, Gawker Media has been blocking IP addresses in the United Kingdom from accessing the story. After we were reminded of this blackout by the commenter PootMcFruitcakesJr—and since the trial has since ended—we are now allowing our U.K. readers to read “Did Rebekah Brooks Fuck Rupert Murdoch and His Son Lachlan?” Enjoy.

British GQ Disappears Negative Feature Story About Rupert Murdoch

J.K. Trotter · 07/08/15 04:00PM

In April 2014, the media critic Michael Wolff published a column in British GQ about the then-ongoing phone hacking trial against several journalists and editors employed by Rupert Murdoch’s shuttered tabloid News of the World. Titled “The court without the king,” the critical article is now at the center of a complaint lodged by England’s attorney general, whose office believes GQ should be held in “contempt of court” for implying, with Wolff’s column, that Murdoch was somehow culpable for the hacking charges. As reported by the Guardian, the magazine’s publisher Condé Nast is rightfully fighting this accusation. At the same time, and without any public notice, Condé appears to have taken several highly unusual steps to prevent anyone from reading what Wolff wrote.

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