Pollsters Agree: Donald Trump Voters Who Hate Donald Trump May Exist, Probably Don't, Who Knows, Anything's Possible

Alex Pareene · 09/02/15 09:50AM

The Politico today introduces us to a few (potential) Donald Trump protest voters who are motivated not by actual affection for the nativist cartoon plutocrat, but by contempt for the entire institution of electoral politics. These “Haters For Trump,” as The Politico dubs them, consider Trump to be a grotesque, racist oaf. But they are voting for him all the same, they say, in order to send a message of disgust with the entire political process, or to help him blow up the revanchist and money-captured Republican party.

The Politico Expands to States With Easily Purchased Politicos

Alex Pareene · 04/15/15 03:10PM

Washington-based website and newsletter The Politico, like the CBS procedural dramas CSI and NCIS before it, is hoping to recapture the magic with a series of region-specific spin-offs. First, already extant The Politico-owned news site Capital New York will "rebrand" itself as The Politico New York, much like when Macy's bought every regional department store chain in America and renamed them all Macy's. Then will come The Politico New Jersey and The Politico Florida. The Politico's choice of expansion markets is perfectly "on-brand."