Look at How Easy It Is to Fool a Blogger

Jordan Sargent · 09/28/15 04:45PM

The internet “news” industry, such as it is, asks writers, some of whom may be young and/or inexperienced, to quickly churn out blog posts in order to provide websites with a steady foundation of daily traffic. Unsurprisingly, it is pretty easy to game this system!

Hell Is Working at the Huffington Post

Anonymous · 06/02/15 12:30PM

Talk to someone who works at the Huffington Post these days and inevitably one word will keep popping up: “demoralized.” “I’ve never seen people so demoralized” is what a typical HuffPost employee usually says.

How Can Brian Williams Possibly Return to NBC News?

J.K. Trotter · 04/07/15 03:28PM

Vanity Fair has published a lengthy dissection of NBC’s long-troubled news division and its most visible public persona, the disgraced Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. Any remaining faith in reversing NBC’s death spiral, sources tell the journalist Bryan Burrough, appears to be rapidly evaporating. But Burrough’s piece leaves at least one important question hanging: How on earth can Brian Williams ever return to NBC News?

Tucker Carlson’s Brother Called de Blasio’s Spokeswoman “LabiaFace”

J.K. Trotter · 03/25/15 05:08PM

Did you know Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson has a 44-year-old brother and his name is Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson? It’s true. We were reminded of this fact after Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed published an email Buckley sent to a Bill de Blasio spokeswoman today. The message manages to be both sexist (Buckley refers to the spokeswoman as “LabiaFace”) and incompetent (he accidentally CC’d the very spokeswoman he was referring to). Here it is:

News Industry Shrugs, Prepares to Hand Entire Business Over to Facebook

Leah Finnegan · 03/24/15 11:20AM

Facebook, a dull and endlessly scrolling record of personal propaganda and content headlined in two or more sentences, isn't satisfied with the way its 1.4 billion users (most non-sentient) consume the news. According to the New York Times, it takes an epic eight seconds for the average Joe Facebook User to load an outside news link, clicked on in Facebook, in a new browser tab or window. Unacceptable.

New Times Op-Ed Writer Has a Colorful Past With Racist Publications

J.K. Trotter · 03/18/15 04:58PM

Today the New York Times announced its selection of 20 new op-ed writers who will contribute to the paper on a monthly basis. Editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal told Capital New York that his staff selected contributors with “a broad range of viewpoints and subjects and backgrounds and geographical locations and every kind of form of diversity that you can think of.” This commitment to a diversity of viewpoints is remarkably strong, as indicated by the paper’s inclusion of science writer Razib Khan.

Mike Bloomberg Actually Tried to Buy The New York Times: Report

J.K. Trotter · 01/23/15 10:40AM

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire and former Republican mayor of New York City, has never had an easy relationship with the New York Times. He even told New Yorker editor David Remnick that “he detests the New York Times … [he] thinks that the New York Times has an opinion page on the front page and he loathes it.” But that didn’t prevent Bloomberg—who already controls his own shop, Bloomberg News—from trying to buy the paper.