Janine Gibson, a former editor at the Guardian and one-time pawn in the New York Times’ rite of bloodless succession, will be the editor of BuzzFeedUK, the Times reports.

Gibson lost out for the top job at the Guardian earlier this year and left the paper last month.

BuzzFeed is trying to grow its British operation, which has 45 employees. The site presents a mix of coverage from the states and across the pond. But special attention is paid to content from the Kingdom—BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith told the Times that BuzzFeed UK articles are “copy-edited with British spellings.”

In Gibson’s 17 years at the Guardian, she oversaw the creation of the paper’s American online edition and is widely credited with bringing the Edward Snowden story to life, for which the paper won a Pulitzer.

We hope she is being paid many pounds. If you know how many, email us! leah@gawker.com.

Pic of Janine flanked by serious men (Lee Bollinger and Alan Rusbridger) via AP