Media trend alert: New York City’s destitute are gross and ruining our fun with their general existence and bad odor. The New York Post has been humping this story in spectacular fashion this week, sticking 16 reporters on one homeless man who pissed in the street like they found JonBenét’s killer. But in their latest issue, New York decided to get in on the hating, too.

At the bottom left corner of the vaunted Approval Matrix—that’s the nexis of “despicable” and “lowbrow”—is something you might expect to hear from an investment banker who had the misfortune of getting a drink a liiiiiiiitle too far uptown.

As you can see by how that dot is hugging the corner of the graph that New York currently rates nothing more despicable and lowbrow than unwashed drug addicts. If you click over to the full story, you’ll notice that ever so slightly to the northeast of “stinky-sweaty-young-junkies-nodding-off-on-the-sidewalk season”—as in, more brilliant, and more highbrow—is a photo of Paula Deen’s son wearing brownface.

At least racists can afford deodorant, I guess.

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