While many Americans were busy celebrating this beautiful nation over the long weekend, Business Insider proclaimed the glory of a breathtaking new airport inside the invincible and triumphant Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, bringing much honor to the Dear Leader and his people. True, the majority of those people will probably never see the O.K.-looking airport-sized sham thanks to the crippling policies of the warmongering dictatorship in which they live. “But what’s really impressive... are its luxury touches,” adds BI.

It appears that Business Insider’s fawning post (“North Korea’s stunning new airport puts many Americans to shame”) was up for nearly three days before someone realized that perhaps they should inject a little skepticism into the claims made by the notorious propaganda shit-shoveler that is the state-run Korean Central News Agency. The post now bears a slightly more leery headline (“North Korea says it has a great new airport”) along with a disclaimer: “Editor’s Note: We revised this post to reflect North Korea’s reliance on propaganda.”

Fortunately for us (and the Dear Leader), Yahoo syndicated the Business Insider article and has yet to alter their endorsement of the North Korean regime’s latest extravagant expenditure that didn’t involve feeding its starving people.

In addition to the headline switcheroo, other post-publication revisions included pulling back on the Dear Leader’s invaluable opinion on industrial design. What was:

Now reads: “North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, was photographed touring the new airport. While:

Now reads: “The terminal’s check-in area looks like any other airport.” Which is true and also a very rude thing to say.

And while BI originally remarked that:

The corrected caption became: “There’s a lot of room here, but it’s unlikely that these counters will be very busy considering how few people visit North Korea.” A better version that still fails to note the other half of the equation, which is that the North Korean government forbids anyone from leaving the country without state permission. So most of the commoners traveling will, as usual, be done on foot by the thousands willing to put their lives at risk for a chance at escape.

But hey, maybe they’ll see an incredible new airplane (that puts many American airplanes to shame) in passing.

[H/t Mediaite]

Update 2:32pm:

It looks like Yahoo has finally updated their former testament to glorious DPRK’s industrial prowess as well. At least we’ll always have the memories.

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