This afternoon, CNN media reporter and Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter tweeted and quickly deleted the phrase “Ugh wolf is the worst,” according to a tipster who provided us with the above screenshot. To whom might Stelter have been referring? Maybe Law and Order producer Dick Wolf? Perhaps he was complaining about the book Wolf Hall? Or could it be that he was talking smack about his esteemed colleague Wolf Blitzer?

UPDATE: As a commenter points out, Stelter commented on the tweet, writing that he “had copy & pasted someone else’s words and then accidentally tweeted it. i’m a twitter dunce, but, a fan of wolf.”

A likely story. But what if it was supposed to be a DM? Blitzer was on air, opening his show The Situation Room, just as the tweet went out at 5:03 p.m. Blitzer didn’t do or say anything offensive in the show’s first few minutes, but at 5:04, an iPhone ringtone can be heard during his broadcast (clip below). Maybe the clocks are a little off, and Stelter was reacting to Wolf’s phone going off on the air?

[There was a video here]

In any case, it’s clear that the tweet was a mistake. Between this and two mysterious missives sent out by Jake Tapper last year, CNN might considering offering a remedial Twitter training course to its staffers.

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