BuzzFeed beauty editor Arabelle Sicardi, who wrote a post criticizing a Dove soap advertising campaign that was later deleted (and eventually restored) at the request of editor-in-chief Ben Smith, is resigning from the site, according to an internal memo distributed by BuzzFeed Style editor Julie Gerstein.

From: Julie Gerstein
Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 5:25 PM
Subject: News about Arabelle Sicardi
To: Editorial

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to send a note out to let you guys know that sadly Arabelle has decided to move on to pursue other ventures. We are deeply sad to see her go, and will miss her, but we know she is going to do amazingly cool projects and insightful, passionate work in the future. Her last day will be April 24, so come say hi and hang until then!

We’re told that Sicardi’s departure followed an organized effort by multiple BuzzFeed editors, including Ben Smith, to keep her on as a full-time editor. However Smith’s decision to delete her Dove post appears to have torpedoed that effort.

Shortly after this post was published, Sicardi tweeted:

If you know any more about this, please get in touch.