What is Bill Simmons going to do next? The possibilities are... well, not exactly endless. Fox will probably make a play for him. Bleacher Report? Haha. There will definitely be various rich dudes looking to align themselves with the one-time bratty prince of ESPN, including, as we’ve heard, possibly a (fellow) beloved television personality who will soon be out of a job.

The rumor we were told originates from a meeting involving people from TV Land and Viacom (which owns TV Land) late last month. Calling into that meeting, a reliable source tells us, was a man named Sandy Wernick, who is a longtime player in the world of comedy. Wernick worked extensively on The Larry Sanders Show—a Simmons favorite, incidentally—and is currently producing The Jim Gaffigan Show, which will run on TV Land.

Per a source who was at the meeting, Wernick let it slip that Simmons is planning to start an online subscription network of some sort with Jon Stewart, who will cede the Daily Show to Trevor Noah in August. (Stewart, for what it’s worth, is said to be telling his Daily Show coworkers that he is quitting television to spend more time with his kids.)

Is this true? We have no idea. Sandy Wernick, our source reminded us, is very old. But it’s certainly interesting to think about. Simmons fancies himself an iconoclast—which is ultimately why ESPN shoved him off the plank—and a power play of this nature would seem to suit him better than saddling up to another corporation that might not take too kindly to Roger Goodell being called a liar. Simmons and Stewart also share a manager, James Dixon, whose agency was acquired by WME earlier this year.

So, throw this one onto the rumor pile. It’s more fun than imagining Simmons working at SBNation, anyway.

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