Vox Quietly Deleted the Slut-Shaming From Your Dad's Taylor Swift Review

Jordan Sargent · 07/15/15 04:55PM

Vox sent your dad to review a Taylor Swift concert. Did you know that that pop music makes him feel insecure? I hope the world doesn’t spin off its axis. Unfortunately, your dad did not just write about his fluctuating testosterone levels in his review. He also said that Miley Cyrus and Madonna don’t value themselves and, well, that requires some extra post-publication editing.

Every Police Brutality Incident Gets Its Own Nate Silver Burrito Story

Jordan Sargent · 04/30/15 04:21PM

One day, the users of Twitter dot com will realize that the site’s prompt—“What’s happening?”—is a suggestion, not a command. But until that happens, men who have been told they are important will talk about themselves exactly when their stories are needed the least.