Arianna Huffington Is Pushing Her Bogus Self-Help Book on Her Employees

Jordan Sargent · 04/28/15 04:45PM

Do you need another reason to not work at the Huffington Post? Okay. This afternoon, Arianna Huffington sent out a memo to employees cheerfully announcing that she has made the online class based on her nonsense self-help book Thrive available to them—for free!—via

HuffPo Trades on Legendary Sense of Humor to Launch Satirical News Show

Andy Cush · 02/18/15 04:25PM

Days after Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show, months after Colbert bid adieu to his eponymous Report, America is left wondering: who will satiate our nation's burning need for hard news served with a side of laffs? Will it be John Oliver, king of the internet? Or Larry Wilmore, whose show I've heard is quite good? Or will it be the new satirical news offering from the funniest website on the internet (The Huffington Post)?

Arianna Huffington: We Need More Happy Stories for Facebook

J.K. Trotter · 02/02/15 02:06PM

On Friday afternoon, Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington sent a memo to her employees. The gist of the cloyingly adroit missive: Facebook’s proprietary news algorithm currently privileges “stories of people and communities doing amazing things,” so HuffPost needs to publish more of those stories. The global initiative will be called “What’s Working.”