Fusion Is the Least Wanted Network on Television

Jordan Sargent · 06/17/15 01:55PM

We’ve learned that nobody reads or watches Fusion, but as the legend goes, Felix Salmon’s dream journal still harbors a plan to get rich by making people, via their cable companies, pay for its television network. It sounds like a fine enough scheme as any in our current media wasteland, but they better get moving on it before television watchers are able to reject the channel outright.

One Reason You Shouldn't Read Fusion

Sam Biddle · 01/26/15 06:35PM

What is Fusion? No one is quite sure, least of all Fusion itself. Following in the grand tradition of First Look Media, Fusion has more money than Croesus and a lot of talented people. It also has, apparently...an animated series about Buzzfeed?