Anyone taking a stroll down by the water in Williamsburg today might have noticed a swarm of police cars, ambulances, black SUVs and SWAT team personnel. What was all the fuss in the middle of the day? Joe Biden was at Vice.

Biden was at the offices of Rupert Murdoch's second favorite media corporation for an interview with Vice CEO Shane Smith. Just two old dads rappin' about student loan debt in a converted Brooklyn warehouse: the future of media.

This was presumably part of Vice's plan to make a foray into Washington, as CEO Shane Smith—pictured above with the vice president—told the Washington Ideas Forum last October.

"We're going to come down and, quite frankly, it's good for us because we're going to come down and shake some cages and go crazy and create some enemies, but our demo is going to say that's what we want you to do," Smith said after an onstage conversation with former White House press secretary Jay Carney at the Washington Ideas Forum.

It's unclear which cages were shaken this afternoon.

UPDATE: An email sent out to Vice employees last night, and obtained by Capital New York, asked employees to put away or take home any items that might offend a then-unnamed "V.I.P":

In a Tuesday email to staff warning of an unnamed "V.I.P." visitor, provided by a Vice source to Capital on the condition of anonymity, Vice P.R. ordered: "Please take home TONIGHT any personal items that could be considered inappropriate (think airport TSA rules as the appropriate guidelines, particularly anything that could be construed as a weapon). All drawers, cabinets and lockers must be left open."

Something tells me Joe Biden would've been cool with whatever.