Days after Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show, months after Colbert bid adieu to his eponymous Report, America is left wondering: who will satiate our nation's burning need for hard news served with a side of laffs? Will it be John Oliver, king of the internet? Or Larry Wilmore, whose show I've heard is quite good? Or will it be the new satirical news offering from the funniest website on the internet (The Huffington Post)?

The HuffPost Show, which debuts March 27 and will air every Friday evening thereafter, plans to feature "a mixture of news and entertainment segments," according to the Hollywood Reporter scoop that announced its impending existence. Wanna go out dancing on Friday? Can't, pal—I'd never miss The Huffpost Show.

The hosts: Who else but world-famous comedy duo Roy Sekoff (Huffington Post founding editor) and Marc Lamont Hill (hosts on HuffPost Live, the company's other streaming video endeavor)? So funny; love those guys. The trailer above delivers all the gut-busting HufPo-style humor we've come to expect, with jokes about race relations, ham sandwiches, and get this: Kim Kardashian's butt. Yep—Marc and Roy aren't afraid to go there.

For the sake of our funny bones, let's hope a few other well-endowed media organizations get into the TV show game with satirical shows. Of course, Vice is already balls-deep in child soldiers and improvised explosive devices, but why not Fusion, which already has cable network tools at its disposal? Imagine it: The Show About Nothing (Just Like The Website). Or how about The BuzzFeed Show, featuring a panel of realistically-proportioned women with mediocre haircuts who discuss the day's news, which consists mainly of bereaved fathers singing Beatles tunes to their dying infant sons and straight men wearing makeup for the first time (also the hosts are dressed as Disney princesses)?

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the eyeballs rolling in.