One day, the users of Twitter dot com will realize that the site’s prompt—“What’s happening?”—is a suggestion, not a command. But until that happens, men who have been told they are important will talk about themselves exactly when their stories are needed the least.

Last year, around the time of the first wave of protests in Ferguson, Nate Silver—an Important Man—told a little story about how one night he got arrested but the cops let him eat a burrito in his cell. (Let’s all pause for a second and picture this exact scenario. Okay.) The point of the story, I guess, was that cops can be good but also bad, which makes you think.

Last night, as the citizens of Baltimore reacted to the death of Freddie Gray, the Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill—a self-considered Important Man—told a story about how he was robbed at gunpoint in Baltimore once, which makes you think.

Not every story a man has is a good one. Please log out.