Good news! Benny Johnson, who was fired from BuzzFeed last July for systemic plagiarism and later hired by National Review, has a brand new job:

Independent Journal Review is a conservative-leaning aggregator that exists solely because of Facebook’s bottomless appetite for jaundiced conservative headlines like “Obama Refuses to Buy His Favorite Vowel to Solve the Most Obvious Puzzle Ever About Terrorism.” Do not click that link.

I.J. Review also played a notable role in Benny Johnson’s firing from BuzzFeed. The pair of Twitter users who exposed his plagiarism, @blippoblappo and @crushingbort, did so only after Johnson pointed out that I.J. Review had plagiarized a BuzzFeed post of his about George H.W. Bush’s colorful socks:

And now Johnson’s going to work for them as a “creative content director.” This position will hopefully harness his talents more effectively than the one he held at National Review, where Johnson distinguished himself by manufacturing a fake Bill Clinton meme.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

H/T Jared Keller