Do you need another reason to not work at the Huffington Post? Okay. This afternoon, Arianna Huffington sent out a memo to employees cheerfully announcing that she has made the online class based on her nonsense self-help book Thrive available to them—for free!—via

Here is the full text of Huffington’s email:


I’m excited to let you know that the Oprah team has agreed to offer my six-week Thrive eCourse for free to anyone working at HuffPost.

Over and over again, when I talk about Thrive and the importance of realizing that burnout doesn’t have to be the price we pay for success, the question I am asked more than any other is: “Sure, but how do I go from understanding what I need to do to actually doing it?” I created the course as an answer to that question.

The course begins on May 3rd on It has great guest teachers, including NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa, Wharton professor Adam Grant and author of The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor. We’ve developed tracking tools to help those taking the course monitor their progress and achieve their goals. And all our steps and practices are based on the latest scientific findings, which we cover so relentlessly on HuffPost, about the importance of sleep, meditation, renewal, and taking time to unplug from our devices.

To learn more and to sign up, just enter your HuffPost email at

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder was released last year. The book purports to teach overworked overachievers how to finally discover work/life balance, and has now been turned into a class on Oprah’s website that costs $50 (although that does buy you 40 videos of Arianna Huffington speaking, so...) In her review of the book for Slate, Hanna Rosin pointed out the obvious:

But there is also no way that office yoga can get at the very disease that plagues a workplace like the Huffington Post, which can be summed up by the reaction of one senior writer who received an email announcing the noon yoga class as I was interviewing her: “It would be really nice to do yoga today, but I’m on a deadline and traffic on the metric was low and. … I gotta go, that’s my editor, shit.”

Our future is being worked to death at a clickfarm run by a megalomaniac who attempts to relate to you via an online course delivered by one of the richest people on the planet.

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